Suzuki is one of the most reliable brands in the car market. It is well known in the Southern part of Belgium, but less well known in Flanders and Brussels.

So we decided to bring 'The Suzuki Seven' together: seven ambassadors from all over the country, who received a bright red Suzuki Swift to use as their ride. A personalized sticker on the doors represents their activities, and identifies them as ambassadors. 

The Suzuki Seven: actress and author Leen Dendievel, model and grafic designer Elisa Guarraci, actor and filmmaker Christophe Haddad, hockeyplayer Loick Luypaert, actress, model and blogger Pauline Grossen, ex-football player, football commentator and academic Imke Courtois, and IT-er and travel blogger Yannick Merckx

Foto The Suzuki Seven: seven ambassadors for the Suzuki Swift 1
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